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Carrizozo Library is open 4 days a week!

Wednesday 2PM - 6PM

Thursday 2PM - 6PM

Friday 10AM - 3PM

Saturday 10AM - 3PM

Art In Library - Chavez art_edited.jpg

     Nathan J. Chavez is an artist from Lincoln County New Mexico. Born in Albuquerque and raised in Lincoln County, Nathan has a deep understanding and respect for New Mexican culture and heritage. 

     He specializes in vivid, colorful and artistic cartoon inspired art. His work has popped up all over the state of New Mexico, in various ways. He has created murals, logos, flyers and t-shirts that can be seen all over the state. One work of art being featured on the 2021 Zozobra General admission ticket. 

     Nathan is inspired by cartoons, music, street art, comic books, movies, imagination, cultures, religion and folklore. Behind artwork from Nathan J. Chavez is a lot of meaning. Hidden in the details is a story and the subjects have weight. Nathan goes as far as hiding his signature in every drawing. A game that many who know him like to play is spotting where the signature has been hidden.

   Nathan has worked with various New Mexico companies such as Allsup’s, Bravo Mic Communications for Zia Country 99.5 KXPZ, EcoServants, Chillax Glass, Big Mike’s Premium Cannabis, The Historic Kress Building in Albuquerque, Zozo MVD and Ortiz Motors. 

Nathan J. Chavez is creating a vivid storytelling world, one drawing at a time. 


Pre-K BookNook will be on TUESDAYS at 10am in the Carrizozo Library.


Carrizozo Community Public Library & Archive

Library Board Meeting

On the fourth Monday each month at 5:00PM in the Library


Everyone Welcome!

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